Magical Words to Get Your Ex Back1

Get Your Ex Back Tips and Rebuild Your RelationshipA breakup can never be entirely easy on anyone. To cut off ties with the person you have spent creating beautiful memories with, can be tough on your mind. Emotional stress and turmoil, insomnia, a feeling of depression and regret, and wishing that you could rewind to the time you both were together – these are the aftermaths of most breakups. At some point in time, you are left wondering if you can ever get your ex back.

Well the good news is that there is some hope. However, be wise in your decisions and reconsider your decision. Be realistic in your approach, and be prepared for the worst. It is but possible that your ex may not want to go back to how it was. However, it is good to keep this advice on getting your ex back, in mind.

The power of words is of course, but very well known. They can be moulded as per your needs; they could be your best friend if chosen wisely, or your worst enemy if thrown casually without a thought. Hence, the foremost way to attract your ex is to choose the right words.

Strike up light conversations with your ex, initially. Send sweet, short text messages, maybe jokes and good quotes on a regular basis. A short message to your ex, inquiring about his or her day, or wellbeing, will do no harm.

If you get a positive response from the other end, then keep up with your efforts but don’t push your luck too much by jumping into conversations about your past. Talks about breakup will only spoil the mood, and push your ex away. Do not beg him or her to come back, and show your desperation. This will only make your ex lose respect for you.

Show your ex that you have a life of your own with your interests and hobbies. Talk about what has been keeping you busy. Make him or her realise that you are on your way to getting your life back to normal. This will get your ex wondering, and maybe value your conversations more.

If you do indulge in chats about your past, then talk about the happy times. Attract your ex by referring to an occasion which was extremely special to you both. This will make your ex look forward to your conversations.

Don’t be childish by trying to make him or her jealous. Keep up with the short and simple chats, and gradually get to your motive when you feel the time is right. Be straightforward and honest with your ex, and talk your feelings out in a cool and composed manner. If your efforts have been successful, it is quite possible that you and your ex might reunite.


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  1. renee zillweggar says:

    yeah, action speaks louder than words but words are really powerful to re-ignite the torn relationship between lovers and this is just a nice way to have your ex back :)

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