How to Avoid Common Relationship Mistakes0

How To Avoid Common Relationship MistakesWas it a terrible argument that brought about the end of a potentially good relationship? Was your ego on stake while hurling angry words at him or her? And likewise for him? Whose fault was it? Or were you both wrong in your judgement, while deciding a mutual breakup? These are some of the most common mistakes that lead to heart-rending breakups, which might eventually affect you mentally.

Quotes talk about how romantic relationships aren’t perfect, and indeed that holds true. The hearts and the roses run out after the first few months of one’s relationship. Gradually, your true nature starts to make itself visible and likewise with your companion or partner. Expectations, a clash of egos, possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy, lack of time – these are some common aspects of every relationship, to name a few. However, sometimes if these cross their threshold, things turn ugly, culminating into a breakup. And you are left floundering in a sea of remorse, self-blame and hurt.

The second scenario is that of a mutual breakup, where the relationship ends on a positive note. However, chances are high that you may miss your ex and may want to get back.

There are always two options – one is to let go, and the other is to re-consider the option of resolving issues and reuniting with your ex. It is better to opt for the former, having tried the second. It’s always good to have had a shot at getting back the person you love, and if it doesn’t work in your favor, you know where you are heading.

Learn how to get your ex-back with these quick tips

Do you really love your ex?
Was she or he the right person for you? Are you ready to accept the same flaws that led to your breakup, or the adverse circumstances? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself before launching onto your mission.

Be aware of the reasons that caused your breakup
If it was your ego or your bad temper that caused that breakup, be aware of it and make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes. Show that you have changed, or improved, by your actions and not by mere words. Do not get agitated if you don’t get the desired response from the other end. This is a slow process.

Don’t be emotionally vulnerable to his or her reactions
Showing your desperation and extreme longing to reunite, might foil all your plans to get your ex back. Your ex might get irritated, or might be taken aback by your sudden outburst. It might even cause him or her to lose respect for you. Maintain a calm disposition while conversing with your ex, and keep hinting about getting back with him or her, while making sure that you don’t stress on it too much.

Do not emotionally blackmail your ex
Threatening your ex emotionally, with bouts of crying and talks about getting depressed, not sleeping and eating, will reinforce his or her decision to end relationships with you. Learn to get your ex back in a dignified and mature fashion.

Talk about the good times
By engaging in conversations about the good times you both spent together, a sense of nostalgia and positive vibes will prevail. Don’t overdo it, else your actions maybe be understood as persistent and irritating. Talks about the past should be minimal.


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