Relationship Advice to get your ex-boyfriend Back3

Relationship Advice to get your ex-boyfriend backUps and downs are a part of relationship. All that makes a difference is how one sails through the tides. If you are really missing your ex boyfriend and want to change things for better, it is vital to take a patient and sincere approach. Relationship advisor Michael Fiore in his applauded e-book “Text Your Ex Back” very aptly talks about best ways to get your ex boyfriend back.

There are many possible approaches to revitalize the broken relationship if you maintain an optimistic and responsible attitude all the way through. You can convince your ex about change in your mindset only when you yourself are sure about starting the good things once again. Confusion may only lead to more blunders. Here are a few tips you can execute.

5 best ways to get ex boyfriend back

  1. Keep a clear mindset

Before approaching for a patch-up, be clear on what is your intention behind doing the repair work. Is it for showing your concern just because you were together for sometime in the past or you really wish to share your life with him? Knowing your intentions will help your ex to understand things better and will also give him sufficient reasons to come up with a fair and justified decision.

  1. Show him your affection

Showing affection can work wonders to make him think of you seriously. You can do this by repeating or making him memorize the moments which you both enjoyed together in the past. While doing so, do not lose hopes even if you may come across ignorance or criticisms from your ex. Things may not always turn positive in the first strike. You need to be consistent.

  1. Speak up your mind

Once you get a signal that your ex boyfriend is mentally prepared to hear your side, just speak up your mind sincerely. Tell him that you never wanted to breakup but you were stuck in a tricky situation. Let him know that you have thought a lot about what went wrong are extremely sincere in your efforts to take a turnaround for good.

  1. Tell him why you miss him

Tell your ex about why and how much you miss him at each and every step of life. It may be for mental support, physical presence, guidance in taking decisions, or any other reason, let him know that his words and his presence matters a lot in your personal life.

  1. Make him feel lucky

Michael Fiore’s “Text Your Ex Back” gives a very good advice on making your ex realize how beautiful his life can be if you reunite. Show him that you are much matured, responsible, decisive, and focused than before and he will be lucky to be a part of such a beautiful relationship.

While executing the best ways to bring your ex boyfriend back, always be polite and attentive to what he expects from the future. Things can go well only if it is a mutual decision based on mutual respect.


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    completely agree with you about this matter. Good post.

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    I really need my ex boyfriend back in my life he was everything i needed i still over him no matter what

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